The Alabama Renaissance Faire

The 2021 faire is scheduled to take place in person on Oct 23 & 24. However the Feast and costume workshop that preceds the faire have been cancelled.
Some vendors and entertainers may not be able to attend this year. Please support festival acts and vendors by shopping thier online stores. Visit 2020 Virtual faire to shop.

Name: Alabama Renaissance Faire
Location: Florence, Alabama
120 miles south of Nashville
125 miles north of Birmingham.
Directions:217 E. Tuscaloosa St. Florence, AL 35630
Dates: October 23-24 2021
Hours: Sat 10:00 - 6:00 Sun 12-6
Alabama Renaissance Faire
Social Networking: Facebook YouTube
Theme: Italian Renaissance
Size: 2.5 Acres
Admission: Free

Faire Feature:

  The Alabama Faire has a rotating monarchy. Each year shortly before the faire, Gode Cookery prepares a fund raiser feast. The local commuinty attends the feast. Whoever gets the coin in their cake will be the monarch for next year's faire.
  On the last day of faire the current Ruler yields the throne to the next ruler. A brief example

The Alabama Renaissance Faire is sponsored by Downtown Florence Unlimited and Kennedy-Douglass Center for the Arts.
The Alabama Renaissance Faire was featured in issue 87 of Renaissance Faire Magazine. It was also once an answer in Jeopardy.

Entertainment: Watch belly dancers. Listen to beautiful music. Meet Royality.

Activities: Archery, Chess, dancing , and a children's play area.

Awards: are given to local school sonnet writers and artists.

Food: Funnel cakes, Chicken Stew, Philly Steak & Cheese sandwiches, and Turkey Legs. Shopping: Costumes, fairy wings, Pewter Figures, Swords, Mugs, handmade items, and artwork.
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